How It Works

The power of the Divorce Recovery Plan lies in the fact that there are highly influential concepts that are laid out in a 12-week series of telephone sessions that moves one to let go and be in full acceptance of divorce. Once in true acceptance of this new reality, possibilities and opportunities for your future will begin to make themselves crystal clear.

The plan will gift you with highly specific tools and skills that can be utilized immediately to help you to handle your divorce more effectively, lessen your emotional reactivity and connect you with your inner wisdom, where all the answers reside. To reach a goal, any goal, one must be in action. The Plan does just that, assigning you specific steps to act upon in the weeks in between sessions.

The Plan also holds you accountable, which research has shown to be highly effective in creating positive change. Together with your coach, you create a working partnership that both honors and motivates you in your goal of letting go and moving forward into a new life after divorce.

The Concepts:

  • Handling the Grieving Period
  • Accessing Your Inner Wisdom
  • Tools for Handling Stress, Anxiety, Fear and Mind Chatter
  • Separating out Facts from Interpretations
  • The Issue of Control in Life
  • Resistance vs. Acceptance
  • Claiming Responsibility
  • The Hidden Gifts of Divorce
  • Unenforceable Expectations
  • The Personal vs. the Impersonal
  • Powerful Choices
  • Perspective or Attitude
  • Forgiveness

Tools and Skills:

  • Reduce Stress, Anxiety
  • Tame Mind Chatter
  • Create Boundaries for Safety and Healing
  • Self Care
  • Tame Emotional Reactivity
  • Overcome Fear of the Future
  • Create a Healing Environment
  • Future Self-Visualization
  • Asset/Deficit Journaling
  • Claim Heart Intelligence through the Time Out
  • Gratitude Journaling
  • Questions that create Powerful, Self-Serving Choices

The Starter Kit:

  • Discovery Package – Self Assessment
  • Course Outline
  • Weekly Progress Forms
  • Laminated Wisdom Cards for Reminders

The Process:

  • Creation of a custom designed Coaching Alliance
  • Weekly 60-minute telephone sessions
  • Weekly ‘homework’ designed to move you forward
  • Accountability to Shelley
  • Crisis management from Shelley via e-mail and sessions
  • Positive reinforcement, encouragement and tough love

Time Frame:

It takes a minimum of 90 days to begin to see habitual behavior change and the same goes for the traumatic effects of divorce. That fact, in addition to my personal experience in working with clients over the last 7 years, supports my stand that one should commit to the 12-week Plan in overcoming the negative effects of divorce.

But should either you or I decide after your first 30 days in the Divorce Recovery Plan that Coaching is not the model of change suited to you personally, you can opt out at that point. Few, if any, actually do.

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