Getting Started

1) Private 30-Minute Consultation

Sign up for a private one-on-one consultation with Shelley. We will discuss your greatest challenges and the steps you can take this week to begin the process of overcoming them.

You will also receive the powerful e-book, “The 13 Essential Steps to Divorce Recovery”, as part of your consultation.

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2) One-Hour Workshop

Contact Shelley about our one hour workshop, “Taming the Negative Mind Chatter and Emotional Reactivity Now”, that will allow you to handle this massive life transition more effectively.

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3) 12-Session Package

Contact Divorce Recovery Life Coach Shelley Stile  today to learn more about her powerful and transformative 12-week Divorce Recovery Coaching Plan.

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4) Create Your Future Self

Divorced, accepted and ready to craft a new life after divorce that will honor your dreams, passions and values?  Lay the framework for your Future Self and map out all the steps to achieving that person and life.

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