Susan F, California

Shelley has been my beacon of hope in a very disheveled life – a life going through divorce and all the confusion, grief, fear and anger that brings. And oh yes – it brings more emotions to be sure – but it would take too long to list. I would often get the “Deer Stuck in the Headlights” feeling, but she gives you the tools and know-how to get to The Other Side of Divorce. She explains that the “other side” does not condemn you to a life of negative emotions and baggage, but rather a life of hope and fulfillment. A new life with you at the helm. Through actionable steps and keeping you focused on creating a new life of your making, she gets you through this difficult time in your life… all with a sharp wit and – at times – a toughness that is necessary, in order to quiet your inner gremlins who won’t shut up until Shelley shows up to break up the pity party. And all the while, I always felt that Shelley really listens to me as if I’m her only client, and doesn’t offer cookie-cutter or “one-size-fits-all” advice. I’m not finished with my journey to the Other Side of Divorce yet, but thanks to Shelley, I’m not dreading it. I’m now eager for it – and prepared for it.