Testimonials from Shelley Stile’s Clients

There is no greater gift than the one of peace. No matter what life brings your way, that peace that lies within yourself is the thing that will see you through. That’s the gift I received from working with Shelley.

Somehow, in the process of my divorce, I lost all the peace I had known and found myself in a constant turmoil of feelings, perceptions, frustrations, etc. all keeping me from listening to that inner voice and moving on with my life. Very quickly, Shelley helped me to see what really IS and to accept that. (Not those others hadn’t tried).

That acceptance of reality now has me living my new life – not a perfect one and not one without issues to deal with but still…one full of promise and excitement. I learned, with Shelley’s help, to let go, to ease up, and to live today with peace.
Working with her helped me find myself again and though we have not talked in months, her words and the methods she taught me, pick me back up when I feel knocked down and keep me going forward. I draw on them constantly to deal with what comes my way. All the while, the peace is back. You cannot give yourself a greater gift than that. Thank you Shelley!!

Theresa M, Louisiana

You have given me a new insight into moving on into a much higher level, not only in my divorce but also in the way I will live each day. That knowledge is a big gift for which I will be eternally grateful. It has already made me change the way I feel about my ex…and I have significantly moved into a higher level of forgiveness.

Jo V; Phoenix, AZ

Shelley has been an incredible life coach. She has introduced me to my own power and strength so that I could fulfill my goals. In just over a year of working with Shelley, I was able to accomplish everything that I had wanted to create for myself.

Shelley is an exceptional listener, nurturer and guide; she is able to “get” just what you need to hear and look at in yourself….and set you on a healthy path. Working with her has changed my life in an unbelievable way! I am very grateful to Shelley for giving me the life tools to manifest my dreams.

Jenny G, Atlanta, GA

I’ve done it all in terms of self-improvement but this is a totally different perspective. Unlike therapy, we can explore my life but in a matter of fact way. There’s a beginning, middle and an end.

I have had so many feel good moments, so many ah-has, and epiphanies! I appreciate your intuitive abilities, your ability to drop something if it isn’t working for me. I like the fact that you speak my language. Most importantly, the massive changes that I have been able to accomplish in just six months amaze me. These are things I had been working on for years!

Holly R, New York City

I entered into these sessions looking for someone to explain the chaos, lessen the pain; and help me move beyond the emotions.   And, if that were all that occurred, it would have been well worth the effort.  But these sessions have been so much more.  Shelley has set before me a transforming journey of exploration and understanding and from the ashes I found ME.  Thank you Shelley!!

Debra C, Denver, CO

I highly recommend Shelley’s counseling to anyone who is going through a Divorce.  I felt I had someone holding my hand while giving me support with great advice.  It really made a difference in my how I felt, and I began seeing things differently.  I was surprised at the knowledge I gained working with her. 

The advice not only pertained to my divorce situation, but I have found it and her tools very helpful in my day-to-day living.  Follow her instruction and you will receive the answers that will heal your wounds. Learn to live in the NOW of life. You will see the difference in how you feel immediately.  I was a victim of divorce, now I am VICTORIOUS over divorce!  Now I love living my life.  Thank you Shelley!

LaDonna A, Florida

I don't know what I would have done without Shelley's guidance through this divorce. I felt so hopeless and at times I wanted to end it all. She has given me the inspiration to go on. Her first hand experience of how painful a divorce can be, gives her all the knowledge a person could possible need to help others. After my first session a sense of peace came over me and I knew with her guidance, insight, knowledge, passion and faith in me I would make it through this. She's not just a life coach, she's your friend...I couldn't have made it without her...

Susan S.

When hearing the term "coaching", I had many preconceived images of what this experience would be like. I am so grateful I was completely wrong.

This work has done more for me in 3 months than I would have ever imagined. What I love most, is that Shelley is gentle when she needs to be. However, she will not let you get away with any shenanigans when it comes to the process.

This is so necessary. Her work is so necessary. I have learned so much about myself, and who I thought I needed to be.
This work is just purely effective for those who need clarity and progress. But enter with caution, because change becomes infectious!!!

Carolyn S.

Shelley has been one of the most important and influential people in my divorce process. She has given me the tools to remember that my process and healing is what is important during this critical time. Shelley always reminds me of the power of choice, and the remembrance to make empowering and affirming choices for myself at any given moment. I have quickly progressed in my grieving process and Shelley has been a very important and essential part of that progression. I will forever use and be grateful for the tools that she has offered to me.



I'm in the office working late, catching up on a lot of things. I came across a list I wrote called My future where you asked me to write what I want my life to be. It was maybe a year and a half ago? I read this list and I am so happy to report to you that I feel like I have accomplished many of the things on the list. I am more positive, less negative, less fearful, more hopeful, more patient, have some measure of self-awareness, and generally am in more control of my life.

Work is going well and I started dating a really wonderful man over the summer. Oh goodness, Shelley! He is handsome and successful and intelligent and driven and admirable. I am not sure if he is "the one". It just feels good to be dating someone I admire and respect--if things don't work out for other reasons it is okay! I will be okay!

I would never have predicted a year and a half ago I would have made such a quick recovery. The post-divorce journey is still ongoing and I have lots to do and more healing to do. But overall, I am happy and pleased with where I am, especially considering the insanity that consumed my life last year.

Thank you for the strength and vision you gave me.

With best wishes,


Shelley Stile makes all the difference. She manages to inspire, motivate, support, and comfort with genuine empathy, a sense of humor and great purpose. Her wealth of knowledge and insight is enriched by her professional and personal experience.

A successful divorce goes far beyond a fair and just legal resolution. For me it involves acceptance, clarity and the desire and ability to live life with perspective, new energy, health and joy. Shelley's coaching will enable you to achieve this. She is a must have for every divorcing and newly divorced woman.

Jill S., New Jersey

Shelley has a gift for helping people who are stuck in any stage of the divorce process and want to move forward. She is warm and wise. When you are "in divorce," it is like being in a tornado. The pain makes it hard to get your bearings and to have faith that you will get out, and will arrive SOMEWHERE safe and sound. In many ways, you feel as though you are struggling for your very life.

Shelley is your GUIDE. She listens very carefully, has practical suggestions, supports you, but most importantly she lights a candle in your tunnel and helps you FEEL your way out of the mess. You can trust her 100%, and she will not let you down.

Forget spending money on "quick fixes," sign up for coaching, and commit to really creating your new life out of the ashes. I did coaching for about 6 months, and it helped me more than I can possibly express. I am deeply grateful to Shelley.

Jitka Lom, M.D., Guam

It's easy to feel lost and disheartened when going through the process of divorce. Perhaps the hardest part for me was dealing with the loneliness that goes along with a long-term relationship breakup. I discovered Shelley's name when I heard her speak on a Divorce Radio podcast. I did not have any experience working with a life coach, and yet I called her anyway.

Shelley was very helpful in helping me frame my divorce as a learning tool rather than merely a tragic event. Together, we worked on remembering my successes rather than failures. I was also grateful for the tips and advice that Shelly gave me to help quiet my mind-chatter and self criticism. Another useful tool that Shelley worked with me on was setting firm boundaries with my former spouse.

There's no magic pill to take away the grief and pain of divorce. Working with Shelley's understanding nature and compassion helped make the process bearable.

Colin K., Chicago, IL

Shelley was not only there to help me through the final stage, she ran through many cycles with me. I had the divorce, the "Shelley, great news; my Ex and I are back together," the confusion, the reunited, and back to "it's over."

Shelley has done it all without missing a beat. She kept bringing clarity and experience to my emotionally chaotic life. Life is tough, but there is hope and happiness; and she can get you there.

What an insightful, caring, strong, and inspirational woman.

George D., NY

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