Accepting Loss

I saw a play last week in NYC entitled, Next to Normal.  The story is about a woman who is bi-polar.  Her disease was set off by  the death of her 8 month old son. She was unable to accept his passing to the point that he actually was alive […] Read more »

Life Lessons from the Economic Meltdown

All around us we see the repercussions of the financial disaster. People have lost the bulk of their life savings that had been invested in the stock market.  Unemployment is rising everyday and all around us people are losing their jobs.  Credit is unavailable. Home values have plummeted and many […] Read more »

Do you really remember what it was like to be in a bad marriage?

It is so easy to have selective recall when it comes to our marriages after our divorces.  We are lonely, our married friends seem to disappear and we seem adrift in a  foreign land.  We start to think that perhaps our marriage wasn’t so bad after all.  We think perhaps […] Read more »