Meet Shelley

Meet Divorce Recovery Coach Shelley Stile

Shelley StileShelley Stile is a certified Divorce Recovery Life Coach, author and speaker.  Shelley has undergone her own divorce and has gleaned deep wisdom from her experience. That experience, combined with her extensive training in Life Coaching and research, has resulted in the Divorce Recovery Plan.

Shelley says:

“Truthfully, divorce stinks! It is such an emotional and mental upheaval. My goal in coaching is to ultimately have you recognize that this divorce is a second chance at life and can be utilized as a catalyst for change .I want to empower you to create the kind of life that will bring you happiness and fulfillment.

Ultimately you will see that there is great wisdom and valuable life lessons in this divorce that will enable you to grow and evolve as a human being if you take the time and make the effort.”

Shelley’s Life Coach Training

Shelley trained with the prestigious Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in their core curriculum and did additional training with the Ford Institute of Integrative Coaching’s Spiritual Divorce Coaching.

She received her coaching certification via the ICF, the governing board of International Coaching. In order to be a certified Life Coach, one must pass rigorous oral and written exams as well as qualify with minimum numbers of coaching hours. Shelley has amassed over 1000 hours of coaching clients.

Speaker and Author

She has published over 100 articles on divorce recovery (google her!) and is the author of the book, ’95 Tips for Letting Go and Moving On After Divorce’, available at

In addition to her successful one-on-one coaching practice, Shelley is also a professionally trained Court Advocate for victims of Domestic Violence. She has worked with Divorce Source Radio, The Center for Women in Livingston, NJ, the NCJW in New York City and The National Divorce Support Alliance.

Divorce and the Workplace:

Shelley realizes the impact that divorce has upon workplace performance. The emotional upheaval causes so much stress and emotional reactivity that workplace performance is negatively affected. She is working with businesses and corporations to protect their bottom line by offering divorce coaching to their employees.

Other Things About Shelley

In her previous incarnations, she spent twenty years in the radio and advertising business where she ultimately advanced to the position of National Sales Manager of two NYC based radio stations.

Shelley has lived in numerous locations over the years, which have proved to be a great lesson in adaptation and self-reliance. Today she makes New York City her home but coaches clients all over the country, and yes the world!

Let Shelley help you explore all that you can now be, do and have in life.

Contact Shelley now for a Coaching consultation and action plan and see for yourself what Divorce Recovery Coaching is all about!


“It’s not that some people have willpower and some don’t. It’s that some people are ready to change and others are not.”

— James Gordon, M.D.

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