Twelve Things to Ask Yourself Daily during a Divorce

  1. Am I still living in a ‘what should be, could be or what was supposed’ attitude versus what actually is, otherwise known as ‘reality’ is?
  2. Have I truly accepted what my life looks like right now without trying to change it back to what it was?
  3. Do I believe that this separation/divorce might have happened for a reason?
  4.  Am I doing whatever needs to be done in terms of managing the stress and anxiety and taking care of myself?
  5. Have I looked into a divorce support group so that I can be with others who truly understand what I am feeling?
  6. Am I living in the fear of the future?  Are my fears rational?
  7. Do I have an attorney that I trust?
  8. If I am feeling great sadness, am I honoring that grief or trying to bury it?
  9. Likewise, if I am really angry, have I found more appropriate ways to release that anger?  Have I looked underneath the anger and considered what the real emotion might be?
  10. Am I looking for everything that is wrong in my life or considering    what just might be right about this divorce?
  11. Am I willing to let go of the past and concentrate on the future? Have I started thinking of what I really want in life? Do I have a vision of myself in 5, 10 years from now?
  12. Have I considered the life lessons that might be inherent in this divorce?  The wisdom to be gleaned?
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Now ask yourself this: Am I really serious about healing and moving on?

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