Divorce Recovery Coaching Resources from Shelley Stile-ORIGINAL

Divorce Coaching Self Help

The Divorce Barometer

Examine here you are in your emotional divorce process. This will illuminate where you wan to do the most work right now.

The Wheel of Life

Take a close look at the various aspects of your life; be honest with yourself and rate each area on a scale of one to ten in terms of deep satisfaction. This can be the guide to creating change in your life where it will have the biggest impact.

The Twelve Questions to ask yourself Everyday

Coach Yourself on a daily basis! This set of questions will allow you to examine yourself in ways you never have before and just might produce some immediate and wonderful results!

Recommended Reading

These are all books that I have personally read and find invaluable in my own personal quest for surviving the divorce process and creating the best life possible.

Insightful Articles

Quicker than an entire book and rewarding reads.

Links: Great Sites for More Info

Websites that offer additional resources for living a great life.

Give the Gift of Coaching

Coaching discounts for new clients.

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