The Pro’s of Divorce

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What are the positive aspects of divorce? We all know the painful parts of divorce but there are definite gifts that come with a divorce. It is hard to see those gifts in the early stages of divorce recovery but they are there waiting to emerge. Just ask anyone who has gone on to create a new life after divorce and they will tell you how much they have grown and come into their own now that their divorce is behind her.

Stepping out of the safety of the familiar is scary, but here are 13 pro’s of divorce:

  1. A home that is not filled with constant tension and anxiety.
  2. Deep lessons and wisdom that have resulted in personal growth with new found confidence and self-esteem.
  3. A new sense of self with a reconnection to your strengths and talents.
  4. The special knowledge and strength that comes with having survived a major life transition.
  5. A new life that is centered on what is important to you, to what you value.
  6. The clarification of your passions and the ability to create a life based on those passions.
  7. The realization that a crisis in life creates an opening for change, change that you wanted but were afraid to pursue.
  8. A new career.
  9. The freedom to do what you want when you want to do it.
  10. Better relationships with your children.
  11. The healing of old emotional wounds that emerge during divorce which gives you a new found freedom.
  12. Peace of mind.
  13. Retrieval of your power with the loss of victim-hood.
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I know. It’s hard to see the good that can come out of divorce but trust me, there are many pro’s of divorce.

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