Benefits of Divorce Coaching

What can you expect to get from Divorce Coaching during this trying time? First and foremost, the support you need to get through this massive life transition and the skills for you to utilize yo cope better with your divorce. Once we have gotten through the initial stages of divorce (grief, anger, denial, etc.) we can begin the work of creating something new.

Divorce Coaching: There are ways to ease the pain you are experiencing and ways to cope better with your divorce.

Emotions run amuck during and after divorce. Crazy times. You need to go through the stages of grief caused by the loss of divorce but you also need to move beyond these stages. Divorce Coaching will help you do just that by working you through these stages, honoring your emotions and feelings and giving you the tools you need to both handle and ease the pain.

Giving Up Reactive Behavior

Our divorce throws us into emotional upheaval that results in highly reactive and often irrational behavior. We do and say things we never imagined possible. Divorce Coaching will show you the root of reactive behavior and give you the tools to control it and ultimately take on new ways of handling your interactions with others. Learn to cope better during your divorce. Life Coaching is about being in action and there are very specific things that you can be doing to ease the stress and anxiety in your life which makes your ability to handle life much more effective.


This may be the most difficult yet most important stage of divorce: the ability to accept what is versus what we think should be or could have been. One cannot move forward in life until they have accepted reality for what it is. It is not until we have fully accepted our here and now without trying to change it that the possibilities inherent in a life transition will make themselves known. If you are lost, you cannot access ways to find your way until you admit that you are indeed lost.

All too often, we spend way too much time obsessing on what we think should be versus what is, what we think was supposed to be. Those thoughts do not alter reality, they only keep us stuck. Our goal is to be in full acceptance of our life as it is today without all the highly toxic and negative emotions.  Coaching will show you how to be in acceptance.

Taking Control of Your Life: Responsibility

Being a victim means you are powerless: your life is a result of someone or something else. Taking responsibility for your life gives you back the control you need to rebuild. If you continue to cast blame on your ex, you are giving him or her your power. Coaching helps you take back your life after divorce.

Making Conscious and Empowering Choices

We make hundreds of decisions and choices every day and more often than not we do not consider their consequences. Our lives are defined by our choices so we must learn to make choices that serve us. Coaching gives you the questions you need to ask yourself when you make choice or decisions.

Creating a New Life after Divorce: Aligning our Lives with our Values and Passions

Coaching is built on the premise that our lives must be aligned with our values and our passions. Only then can we truly be happy and fulfilled in our lives. Oftentimes, we find that we have become separated from those values and passions during our marriage.  Oftentimes we don’t even recognize ourselves.

Divorce Coaching will heal your wounds, grant you full acceptance of your life, release negative emotions, give you back your power and move you into your new life after divorce.

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